AIF & FloridaMakes Announce a New Strategic Partnership

November 27, 2018

TALLAHASSEE, FL (November 27, 2018) – Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) and FloridaMakes today announced an official strategic partnership agreement that sets the groundwork for mutual cooperation, leveraging each other’s programs and services to create impact and benefit manufacturers, suppliers and innovative enterprises across the state.

AIF members and affiliates work collaboratively to advance policies at the federal and state level that help Florida manufacturers succeed. From cutting regulations to promoting job growth, AIF serves as a champion for manufacturing prosperity throughout the state. AIF is Florida’s official representative to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).

“We look forward to the momentum and impact this collaboration will bring as we work together to strengthen the competitiveness and profitability of manufacturers in the State of Florida,” said AIF President & CEO Tom Feeney.

FloridaMakes is an industry-driven, public-private partnership operating through the statewide network of Florida’s regional manufacturing associations with the mission of strengthening and advancing the productivity and technological performance of Florida’s manufacturing sector. FloridaMakes is the official Florida representative of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) operated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

“This partnership brings together the collective interests of Florida’s anchor manufacturing enterprises, predominately multinational, through AIF with the state’s small- and medium-sized manufacturers, largely privately-held, through the regional manufacturing associations,” said FloridaMakes CEO Kevin Carr.

This collaboration brings to bear the resources and expertise necessary to ensure an optimal business and regulatory environment for Florida’s manufacturers through AIF, and that Florida’s manufacturing firms can accelerate their access to the knowledge and expertise necessary to keep pace with the technology and talent demands in advanced manufacturing through FloridaMakes.

The combination of AIF and Florida’s regional manufacturing associations, through FloridaMakes, represents the most formidable “Voice of Manufacturing” for the state’s 20,484 manufacturing establishments and 377,400 Floridians employed in high-wage, high-skills jobs in the sector.

For more information on this partnership, please visit www.floridamakes.com/news.

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About FloridaMakes:
FloridaMakes is an industry-led public-private partnership owned and operated by participating regional manufacturing associations throughout Florida.  Its mission is to improve the productivity and technological performance of Florida manufacturers by accelerating technology adoption, talent development, and business growth, and to strengthen the state’s high-wage manufacturing economy. It operates with industry, research, educational, and economic development partners, both public and private at the state and national levels, to provide services that are customized to meet the needs and opportunities of individual companies. FloridaMakes is the official representative of the MEP National Network operated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the State of Florida.  For more information about FloridaMakes, please visit www.floridamakes.com.

About AIF:
AIF, a non-profit association owned by its members, has represented the principles of prosperity and free enterprise before the three branches of state government since 1920. A voluntary association of diversified businesses, AIF was created to foster an economic climate in Florida conducive to the growth, development, and welfare of industry and business and the people of the state. With its headquarters located on the road that connects the Capitol building to the governor’s mansion, AIF represents the link between responsible public policy and a thriving marketplace. For more information on AIF, please visit www.AIF.com.