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Daily Legislative Brief from March 1, 2016


SB 318- Relating to Regulation of Oil and Gas Resources
On Tuesday, March 1st, SB 318, relating to Regulation of Oil and Gas Resources, by Senator Garrett Richter (R-Naples) was reconsidered by the Senate Appropriations Committee and was ultimately withdrawn by the sponsor. As a result, the previous vote of 9 yeas to 10 nays stands, the bill is reported unfavorably and will not move on in the process.

SB 318 makes many revisions to the Oil and Gas Program (Program) to make this program safer and more effective for all involved. The Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Mining and Minerals Regulation Program in the Division of Water Resource Management (Division) oversees permitting for oil and gas drilling, production, and exploration within Florida through its Oil and Gas Program. The Program’s primary responsibilities include conservation of oil and gas resources, correlative rights protection, maintenance of health and human safety, and environmental protection.

AIF applauds Senator Richter’s and Rep. Ray Rodrigues’ valiant efforts to carry this very controversial legislation. The House companion, HB 191, was voted out of the House at the end of January and was referred, by the Senate, to three additional committee hearings. With this action and Session soon coming to a close, we do not anticipate the House companion moving on in the process.

AIF supports the need to maintain appropriate permitting laws to protect the environment, to enhance efficiency between industry and the state, and to ensure appropriate standards are clearly communicated.

IT Governance

SB 7050-Relating to Information Technology Security
On Tuesday, March 1st, SB 7050, relating to Information Technology Security, by the Senate Governmental Oversight and Accountability Committee was heard before the Senate Appropriations Committee and passed by a vote of 17 yeas to 0 nays. AIF stood in support of this bill.

This bill aims to revise the membership of the Technology Advisory Council to include a cybersecurity expert; requires the council, in coordination with the Florida Center for Cybersecurity, to identify and recommend STEM training opportunities; provides for the establishment of computer security incident response teams within state agencies and revises entities to adopt a unified state plan for K-20 STEM education to include the Technology Advisory Council.

While the House companion, HB 1033, is a bit broader, the key to this bill is the statewide requirement for security assessments by a third party and related activities under the responsibility of the AST. As the use of technology continues to grow we see the value in preventative cybersecurity measures for the state of Florida.

SB 7050 will now go to the Senate floor for consideration.

AIF supports legislation that will bring our states cyber security measures up to date to protect Floridians and Florida’s businesses from potential cyber-attacks.


SB 1262- Relating to Emergency Management
On Tuesday, March 1st, SB 1262, relating to Emergency Management, by Senator Wilton Simpson (R-Trilby) was heard by the Senate Appropriations Committee and unanimously passed by a vote of 19 yeas to 0 nays. AIF’s Senior Vice President of State and Federal Affairs, Brewster Bevis, stood in support of this bill.

This legislation would remove hindrances, such as taxes and regulations that in any other situation would be the normal course of business for out of state companies coming to Florida to assist with emergency response during a disaster situation.

SB 1262 will now go to the Senate floor for consideration. 

AIF supports legislation that will remove the loop holes’ businesses would ordinarily have to go through when coming to Florida to aide in a state of emergency.