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Daily Legislative Brief from April 29, 2019

Health Care

HB 23 – Relating to Telehealth

On Monday, April 29, HB 23 by Representative Clay Yarborough (R-Jacksonville) was read a second time and amended on the Senate floor. HB 23 was then read a third time and passed with a vote of 30 yeas and 9 nays.

Telehealth is the remote delivery of health care services using technology. This bill authorizes Florida licensed health care professionals to use telehealth, simultaneous audio and video, to deliver health care services within their scopes of practice. The bill also authorizes out-of-state health care professionals to use telehealth to deliver health care services to Florida patients if they register with the Department of Health or the applicable board, meet certain eligibility requirements, and pay a fee. While an out of state registered provider may use telehealth to provide health care services to Florida patients, they are prohibited from opening an office or providing in person services in Florida.

HB 23 is now in House returning messages.

AIF supports legislation that permits an unfettered role for telehealth services that will help Floridians access better quality care at lower costs.