Daily Legislative Brief from May 1, 2023

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SB 1718- Relating to Unlawful Immigration

Today, HB 1718 by Senator Blaise Ingoglia (R-Spring Hill) was introduced on the House Floor and was substituted for the House companion, HB 1617, by Representative Kiyan Michael (R-Jacksonville).

SB 1718 requires any employer with over 25 employees to use the electronic (E-Verify) system to validate if an employee is lawfully present in the United States.

The E-Verify system continues to be a pilot program at the federal level and has been known to be unreliable and inconsistent. AIF believes the current I-9 process for verification of employment eligibility is sufficient and an E-Verify mandate is unnecessary.

The penalties for non-compliance are also significant and should be adjusted to be more proportionate. This law would take effect on July 1, 2023, but penalties for not using E-Verify will not be enforced until July 1, 2024.

SB 1718 will be considered for final passage by the House tomorrow, May 2nd.

AIF opposes legislation that creates undue, burdensome regulations on Florida employers that causes a negative economic reaction on businesses as small as 25 employees. E-Verify is costly to operate and serves no purpose as the Federally mandated I-9 system is just as effective.


SB 1002 - Relating to Motor Vehicle Glass.

Today, SB 1002 by Senator Linda Stewart (D-Orlando) was introduced on the House Floor and substituted for the House companion, HB 541 by Representative Griff Griffitts (R-Panama City.)

This bill provides that a motor vehicle repair shop may not offer a customer a rebate, gift, gift card, cash, coupon, or other item of value in exchange for making an insurance claim for motor vehicle glass replacement or repair. The bill also prohibits the assignment of benefits for auto glass repairs.

SB 1002 will be considered for final passage tomorrow, May 2nd.

AIF supports efforts by the legislature to bring more transparency and fairness in the auto repair market between insurance providers and policy holders. Litigation should not be auctioned off frivolously when the alternative is better for the policy holder in the long run.

For more information on AIF’s efforts relating to Tort Reform, please visit
AIF | Tort Reform.


HB 1191- Relating to Use of Phosphogypsum

Today, HB 1191 by Representative Lawrence McClure (R-Dover) was introduced on the Senate Floor and was substituted for the Senate companion, SB 1258, by Senator Jay Trumbull (R-Panama City). HB 1191 was passed with 34 yeas and 4 nays.

HB 1191 directs the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to experiment the use of Phosphogypsum (PG) as a road construction aggregate material. Phosphate is produced at a rapid rate in Florida and PG is a byproduct of the manufacturing process. For every ton of phosphate manufactured, 5 tons of PG is made. PG is used primarily for agricultural purposes; however, it can also be used for roadway paving materials. HB 1191 would allow the first step to take place in determining PG’s viability as an aggregate to be used on Florida’s roadways.

This bill will now go to the Governor for approval.

AIF supports efforts to utilize manufacturing byproducts for beneficial purposes. Expanding the use of Phosphogypsum will directly address critical infrastructure needs and could create jobs.


HB 645- Unmanned Aircraft Systems Act of 2023

Today, HB 645 by Representative Robbie Brackett (R-Vero Beach) was introduced on the Senate Floor and was substituted for the Senate companion, SB 908, by Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez (R-Miami.) HB 645 was passed with 36 yeas and 0 nays.

The bill amends the definition of “critical infrastructure facility” to include a deepwater port or a railroad switching yard.

This bill will now go to the Governor for approval.

AIF supports adding greater protection for Florida’s deepwater ports and railyards by including them and their facilities as critical infrastructure in Florida law.