Daily Legislative Brief from March 6, 2024


SB 1680 – Advanced Technology

On Wednesday, March 6, SB 1680 by Senator Jennifer Bradley (R-Flemming Island) was read for a third time on the House Floor and passed with 114 yeas and 0 nays. Representative Fiona McFarland (R-Sarasota) sponsored the House companion, HB 1459.

This bill creates a new “Government Technology Modernization Council.” This council, composed of executive branch agency heads, along with members appointed by the Governor, Senate President, and Speaker of the House will oversee and advise the Governor and the Legislature on Florida’s rollout of AI in state government and the private sector. SB 1680 also establishes criminal penalties for using AI platforms for the creation or possession of “generated child pornography.” Such penalties include up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

SB 1680 will now go to the Governor for approval.

AIF supports the increased dialogue at the state level about the beneficial elements of AI and how it can have a positive impact on Florida businesses. While creating proper boundaries and guidelines surrounding AI is important, it is also vital that the beneficial uses and innovation created by the proper use of AI are not unnecessarily stifled.

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SB 676 – Food Delivery Platforms

On Wednesday, March 6, SB 676 by Senator Jennifer Bradley (R-Flemming Island) was read for a third time on the House Floor and passed with 112 yeas and 0 nays. Representative Lauren Melo (R-Naples) sponsored the House companion, HB 1099.

This bill preempts the regulation of food delivery platforms to the State and provides regulatory safeguards for the business relationship between a Food Delivery Platform and a Food Service Establishment. Among the provisions, the bill prohibits a food delivery platform from taking and arranging for the delivery or pickup of orders from a food service establishment without the express consent of that food service establishment. The bill also allows for some guidelines for a restaurant or establishment to be removed from a Food Delivery Platform and creates a channel for better communication between the food service establishment and the consumers themselves.

SB 676 will now go to the Governor for approval.

AIF supports streamlining regulations and creating a level regulatory platform that allows businesses to compete fairly.


HB 1021 – Community Associations

On Wednesday, March 6, HB 1021 by Representative Vicki Lopez (R-Miami) was read for a third time on the Senate Floor and passed with 40 yeas and 0 nays. Senator Jennifer Bradley (R-Flemming Island) sponsored the Senate companion, SB 1178.

This bill reworks several current provisions in Florida law that govern neighborhood community associations and how they are managed. Additionally, the bill includes new disclosure requirements for the creation of condominium space in buildings with multiple units. These requirements require a building association to be notified of what section of the building is going to be new condominium space and who is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep for “shared facilities” in the building. This allows for clearly defined roles and allows for consistency in how shared spaces between businesses and condominium owners operate.

HB 1021 will now go to the Governor for approval.

AIF supports legislation that provides clarity and consistency in the relationship between businesses and owners of condominiums.