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Economic Development


Incentive Reform

States are constantly competing for high wage jobs and Florida must ensure its incentive programs are structured in a manner that maximizes our opportunity to attract these jobs. AIF SUPPORTS removing the individual company cap on Qualified Target Industry and Qualified Defense Contractor Tax Refund Programs.

Florida’s Innovation Incentive Program fund was once only used for large-scale projects in which the ability to react quickly wasn’t a major driver in completing a deal. More recently, Innovation Incentive projects vary and the state’s ability to respond quickly is a key component for our competitiveness. For this reason, AIF SUPPORTS reforms to close deals more promptly and make the Innovation Incentive Program approval process mirror that of the Quick Action Closing Fund.

Furthermore, during this session, agencies are at risk of completely losing all incentives that help create business here in Florida. Legislation to defund agencies like VISIT FLORIDA and Enterprise Florida. Eliminating these two agencies would not just put a dent in the business climate the Governor has created, it would severely crush the business opportunities this state has been able to cultivate because of the hard work that has gone into making Florida the No. 1 destination for job creation. AIF OPPOSES removing agency incentives as it would result in an economic downturn for Florida.

Public Notice

To promote greater transparency in government, protect due process rights and to acknowledge the “digital divide,” AIF SUPPORTS requirements that public notices be printed in local newspapers as defined by Chapter 50, Florida Statutes, as well as displayed on the Internet.

Existing Pari-Mutuel Industry

AIF strongly encourages the Legislature to consider their effect on the state’s pari-mutuel industry. These long-standing members of the Florida business community provide tens of thousands of jobs around the state. Pari-mutuels should be given the ability to compete in order to provide the best entertainment value possible, including Class III gaming, as long as the local county or municipality approves such action.

AIF SUPPORTS the Legislature keeping the Pari-mutuel industry and its impact on Florida’s economy in focus when considering integrated resorts or other expanded gambling activities.

Immigration Reform

AIF recognizes that immigration reform is an important issue for our state, but contends it should be dealt with at the federal level. AIF OPPOSES efforts to mandate the use of the E-Verify system by employers.

Mandating E-Verify would have a negative effect on employers, especially those small business owners who do not have full-fledged human resource departments. In addition, fears of racial profiling could make it harder for businesses to recruit mployees and could harm Florida’s tourism industry.