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Daily Legislative Brief from January 11, 2018

Constitution Revision Commission (CRC)

Proposal 48 Relating to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)

On Thursday, January 11th, Proposal 48 by Commissioner Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch was presented to the CRC Executive Committee (committee). The committee voted down on Proposal 48 by a vote of 1 yea to 5 nays. AIF spoke against this proposal during the committee meeting.

Currently, under Article IV, section 9 of the Florida Constitution, the FWC has the regulatory and executive powers of the state over wild animal life and fresh water aquatic life. Proposal 48 sought to amend Article IV, section 9 by expanding the FWC’s regulatory and executive powers to include habitats, including wildlife corridors. AIF noted during the committee that the FWC believes the existing constitutional provision provides adequate scope, authority, and means for the Commission to conserve the features essential to sustaining fish and wildlife, including impacts that could result in death or injury of imperiled species, or that could significantly impair essential behavioral patterns such as breeding, feeding, or sheltering.

AIF opposed this Proposal 48 as we believe the current powers the FWC holds are adequate, and due to the negative impact the proposal would have on private property rights.