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Daily Legislative Brief from February 13, 2018


SB 574-Relating to Tree and Timber Trimming, Removal and Harvesting

On Tuesday, February 13th, SB 574 by Senator Greg Steube (R-Sarasota) was heard before the Senate Committee on Community Affairs and passed by a vote of 3 yeas to 2 nays. AIF stood in support of this bill as amended.

During the hearing, the sponsor of the bill offered a strike all amendment that narrowed the bill from complete preemption to the following:

  • Provides that if a utility company communicates in writing to a local government on the need to prune or remove vegetation and the local government does not allow necessary pruning or removal, then the local government is liable for any cost associated with infrastructure damage.
  • Provides that a local government may not prohibit a water management, 298 district or other districts responsible for management of rights-of-way for flood protection from removing, pruning or harvesting trees.
  • Provides tree pruning, removal ordinances do not apply at single family residences during a declared emergency.

SB 574 will go on to the Senate Committee on Environmental Preservation and Conservation.

AIF supports legislation that allows Florida’s businesses to take the proper precautions in the event of a disaster that would prevent further damage.