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Daily Legislative Brief from February 21, 2018

Health care

HB 21-Relating to Controlled Substances

On Wednesday, February 21st, HB 21 by Representative Jim Boyd (R-Bradenton) was heard before the House Health and Human Services Committee and passed by a vote of 19 yeas and 0 nays. AIF stood in support of this bill.

This bill addresses opioid abuse by expanding the use of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), increasing regulation of prescribers and dispensers, and aligning state criminal statutes with federal law. The bill limits the prescription for a Schedule II opioid to alleviate acute pain to a three-day supply, or a seven-day supply if deemed medically necessary by the prescriber.

The bill also requires the Department of Health (DOH) to adopt rules establishing guidelines for prescribing controlled substances for acute pain, similar to those for chronic pain. Additionally, the bill also requires a health care practitioner authorized to prescribe controlled substances to complete a board-approved 2-hour continuing education course on safely and effectively prescribing controlled substances, and to review a patient’s PDMP history prior to prescribing or dispensing a controlled substance.

HB 21 will go on to the House floor for consideration.

The Senate version of this bill has been amended to include provisions that prohibit the use of protocols such as prior authorization and step therapy, and for those reasons AIF is neutral on SB 8.

AIF supports legislative efforts that aim to curb opioid abuse and addiction that is currently running rampant through the state affecting Florida’s families and businesses.


HB 7043 - State Assumption of Federal Section 404 Dredge and Fill Permitting Authority

On Thursday, February 8th, HB 7043 by the House Natural Resources and Public Lands Subcommittee and Representative Holly Raschein (R-Key Largo) was read for a third time on the House floor and passed by a vote of 112 yeas to 2 nays.

This legislation would give authorization to FDEP to assume implementation of the federal dredge and fill permits.

HB 7043 will go on to the Senate floor for consideration.

AIF supports the state assumption of the 404 program which will help create a more efficient and predictable process for businesses to navigate the wetland permitting process in a timely manner.