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Weekly Legislative Update from January 26, 2018

Constitution Revision Commission (CRC)

Proposal 95- Relating to Local Governments

On Friday, January 26th, Proposal 95 (proposal) by Commissioner Tom Lee was presented to the CRC Local Governments Committee (committee). The committee moved to temporarily postpone the proposal to give the sponsor time to address the concerns of both the committee members and constituents engaged in this issue. AIF was present during the meeting to support the proposal.

Proposal 95 creates a constitutional prohibition against any county, municipality, or special district’s regulation of any type of commerce, trade, or labor, unless such regulation is operated exclusively within the respective entity’s own boundaries and in a manner not prohibited by law. Additionally, the Proposal states any regulation enacted by a county, municipality, or special district from intruding upon, or impeding, commerce, trade, or labor cannot cross the respective entity’s boundaries.

AIF supports this proposal and believes it will help protect Florida’s job creators by reducing burdensome regulations that can impede a company’s ability to start or grow.


Proposal 97-Relating to Amendment or Revision Election

On Friday, January 26th, Proposal 97 (proposal) by Commissioner Belinda Keiser was presented to the CRC Ethics and Elections Committee (committee). The committee voted favorably on this proposal. AIF stood in support during the committee hearing.

Proposal 97 requires that any proposed amendment to or revision of the Florida Constitution be approved by no fewer than 60 percent of voters voting in the election rather than 60 percent of the voters voting on the measure.

AIF supports this requirement as it indicates that voters are aware of, educated about, and supportive of any proposal before it is added to the constitution.