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Daily Interim Brief from February 13, 2019

Environmental & Agriculture

SB 314 – Advanced Well Stimulation Treatment

On Wednesday, February 13, 2019, SB 314, Advanced Well Stimulation Treatment by Senator Bill Montford, was heard in the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee and was voted favorably with 5 yeas and 0 nays. AIF stood in opposition of this bill.

The bill creates a new section of law, which:

  • Prohibits both fracking and matrix acidization in the state (injecting fluids into a rock formation);
  • Requires the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to conduct a study evaluating environmental impacts of well stimulation;
  • Appropriates $2 million to DEP for the 2019-2020 fiscal year to fund the study

SB 314 will now head to the Senate Innovation, Industry, and Technology Committee.

AIF opposes bills or regulations that prohibit well stimulation techniques, prohibit hydraulic fracturing, limit technological advances and infringe on private property rights.