Transportation & Maritime Council

Florida's 14 deep-water ports are more than
a segment of Florida's transportation system.
They are a vital economic development engine,
and legislators and state policy makers must
place ports at the top of their funding priorities.

Fostering Florida’s transportation and maritime industries to ensure their continued economic success— Provides a forum for businesses that operate or support operations at any of Florida’s 14 deep water ports, such as shipping, trucking, rail, stevedoring, etc., to address concerns relating to port security, infrastructure needs, strategic planning, funding, land use encroachment, taxation, etc.


Council Priorities

Maritime businesses in Florida have built the economic prowess of the state’s ports into a major revenue producer and a critical component of the state’s economy. Specifically, the Council will advocate for the following important legislative changes:

  • Support innovative proposals for economic development funding for Florida’s ports.

  • Restrict encroachment of alternative land uses on or near port property.

  • Support funding to deepen ports in Florida so that the state can take full advantage of the bigger ships that will use the newly expanded Panama Canal.

The TMC supports efforts to establish better lines of communication between regulators and port tenants. The maritime industry deserves additional recognition and support to fulfill the economic rewards it has cultivated for the state.