Center for Political Strategy (banner)

AIF’s Center for Political Strategy is a culmination of listening to the needs of our members and Florida’s top employers. Their desire was for a robust, complete, and comprehensive political entity that could improve the political landscape for the business community.

We have answered that desire with the creation of the Center. The Center will work jointly with Association Partners (Regional & Statewide), Corporate Leaders, and Business Political Groups.

The goal is to ensure that pro-business candidates, Republican or Democrat, are elected to the Legislature so that legislation which supports employers, not harm them, can be achieved.

This is not a 2024 effort, nor a short-term plan. The Center has a long-term vision for the business community’s political efforts.

Historical data analysis, polling, focus group intel, as well as consistent candidate recruitment, will ensure the impact of the Center will be ongoing.

The two main functions of the Center will be:

  • Develop data, intel and strategies to recruit and engage candidates to improve the legislature’s business climate.
  • Develop services within The Center for AIF Corporate members that will enhance and elevate their own political efforts on behalf of their companies.

To accomplish this, we have three tiers of services available:

To learn more about the Political Council click THIS LINK.

To learn more about the Business Leadership Council or the Strategic Political Initiatives contact Jeremy Sheftel, Vice-President of Political Operations at

To learn more about the AIF PAC click THIS LINK.