Why Join aif?

Brewster B. Bevis
President & CEO

Even before joining the staff of Associated Industries of Florida, The Voice of Florida Business, I knew it as the business association that has consistently withstood the test of time.

Founded in 1920 by a cadre of leading Jacksonville industrialists, AIF is an alliance of companies and other associations bound together by the knowledge that collective action in defense of the free market system is paramount if we are to be secure in the continued prosperity of this state.

It’s a message I hear every week wherever I go as AIF’s president: This is the business association that historically “draws the line in the sand” and challenges our foes to “fire the first volley.” Countless business people around the state have shared with me their favorite AIF “war story,” how AIF stood by their side when it counted. Most of the time, they counted the outcome as a success.

From our beginnings in the Industrial Age through to the Digital Revolution and beyond, AIF has been the ultimate backstop, the public face on a popular or an unpopular cause, because that’s what the founders realized was needed. The dual focus on advocacy and political action is the hallmark of our reputation -- that of staunch defender of the free-enterprise system.

We represent business interests before elected and appointed officials in the state capital and, when necessary, before the judicial branch. We also work in concert with our federal counterpart, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), to build support and represent business before Florida’s congressional delegation, many of whom we know from their time in Tallahassee when they held state office.

What makes AIF so successful? -- The combination of experience, knowledge of issues, and the support of our members. Unfortunately, success isn’t a given and even AIF doesn’t win every time.

So, Why Be a Member? Very simply -- there’s strength in numbers. By pooling our resources and uniting our efforts, we are better able to educate our officials, protect and promote business and industry in our state, and make sure your voice and the voice of all Florida employers is being heard in our State and Federal Capitals.

Please join with us and take your “seat at the table” as we continue to pursue our mission. Advocacy and political action -- it’s all we do.