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2020 AIF session priorities

For 100 years, Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) has been a proud advocate for Florida employers. Florida’s business community is consistently challenged with a variety of tough issues, and 2020 will be no exception. With a long history of fighting for those who build businesses, employ our citizens and generate a strong economic engine for this great state, we will remain steadfast and vigilant against legislation that seeks to harm Florida’s overall business climate.

The fight to lower costs in our tort system continues to be an ongoing battle with legislation being pushed by the Trial Bar each year. Florida currently has the highest tort system costs among U.S. states as a percentage of state GDP, at 3.6%. Additionally, AIF will support legislation that creates transparency and ensures accuracy in damages throughout the medical malpractice system, thereby reducing the cost of healthcare for all Floridians.

As the 2020 Session progresses, our members can count on AIF to provide support for the following issues:

  • Strengthen efforts to increase economic development in Florida’s rural areas through job growth.
  • Reduce taxes on businesses to allow further growth and employment opportunities.
  • Allow Florida businesses to adhere to state or federal wage requirements, thus eliminating onerous regulations set by municipalities.
  • Prevent interest groups’ circumvention of the legislature in revising Florida’s constitution.
  • Address existing water quality issues as Florida’s businesses and citizens alike rely on access to clean, uncontaminated water.
  • Lessen the burdensome, unfair and unnecessary regulations and taxes on Florida businesses.

The 2020 Session Priorities are a collaborative effort of the AIF staff, our member-driven policy councils and AIF members. These priorities are then reviewed and approved by our Board of Directors. Detailed information on the above issues and others is provided in this publication, which summarizes the guiding principles that shape our legislative positions. AIF’s lobby team will work diligently to support these positions, in collaboration with AIF staff and the AIF Board of Directors.

Since 1920, it has been our privilege to represent Florida businesses, and we look forward to continuing our history of success in 2020. The 2020 Session Priorities will be made available to all 160 members of the Florida Legislature, the Florida Cabinet and State Agency Department Heads, as well as the AIF membership.

You may click on one of the below links to view the Session Priorities: