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2017 AIF session priorities

AIF is the collective voice of businesses from the Panhandle to the Keys and involved in a multitude of industries that fuel our economy. During the 2017 Legislative Session, we are proud to continue the fight to protect Florida’s job creators. Each year, Florida’s business community faces a variety of tough issues, and this year will be no exception. This publication highlights our legislative priorities for 2017, which will be distributed to all 160 members of the Florida Legislature, the Florida Cabinet and Agency Secretaries, as well as AIF Members.

Last year, we saw a 14.5% increase in worker’s compensation rates due to a decision by the Florida Supreme Court, relating to attorney’s fees. AIF immediately put together the Workers’ Compensation Strategic Task Force, comprised of some of Florida’s most respected businesses and business advocates to address the increase. After months of stakeholders’ meetings and town halls held around the state, the Task force submitted their recommendations to the Florida Legislature on how to lower these increasing costs on businesses.

AIF stands ready to lead the business community in opposing legislation that would make it more expensive for businesses to operate in our state. One such piece of legislation that is being pushed by the trial bar deals with prejudgment interest. This legislation is a top priority on our “must kill” list.

Additionally, we will see numerous legislative proposals that revolve around Governor Rick Scott’s $83.5 billion budget proposal for FY 2017-18. His proposed spending plan, which includes $618 million in tax cuts and $85 million for economic incentives to businesses, will go a long way in continuing to help our state achieve the prosperity and growth our Florida families deserve. From the proposed business rent tax reduction by $454 million, to the corporate income tax exemption, to the increase in the number of sales tax holidays, Governor Scott is clearly on a mission to ensure Florida job creators are excelling and that Florida families are benefitting from a pro-business environment in their home state.

AIF will also be actively engaged in fighting to preserve the insurance-premium-tax-salary credit. Removal of this credit will create the largest Florida tax hike in many years when premium tax collections from insurers in this state increase by $297.3 million. Florida is one of only a few states that has two separate taxes for insurers—a corporate income tax paid by all businesses and a second, punitive tax on the insurance premiums paid by Floridians.

This year, Florida leaders have an opportunity to elevate the state and make it the gold standard for 49 other states by adopting a budget that includes a pro-growth, pro-jobs tax cut agenda. One billion dollars in tax cuts will help accelerate job growth and prosperity for our state.

AIF congratulates Governor Scott and the Florida Legislature on making Florida one of the best places to do business in the United States.

These important issues, as well as others, are laid out in greater detail within this publication. We have summarized the guiding principles which shape AIF’s legislative positions—positions that AIF’s lobby team will work diligently to support, in ollaboration with AIF staff and Board. Since 1920, it has been our privilege to represent Florida businesses, and we look forward to continuing our history of success in 2017.

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