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Daily Legislative Brief from March 1, 2018

Consumer Protection

SB 920-Relating to Deferred Presentment Transactions

On Thursday, February 15th, SB 920, by Senator Rob Bradley (R-Orange Park) was heard by the Senate Committee on Rules and passed by a vote of 11 yeas to 2 nays. AIF’s Senior Vice President of State and Federal Affairs, Brewster Bevis, stood in support of this bill.

The bill authorizes deferred presentment installment transactions under Florida law. A deferred presentment installment transaction must be fully amortizing (the balance due will be entirely paid after the last payment is made) and repayable in consecutive installments, which must be as equal as mathematically practicable. The term of a deferred presentment installment transaction may not be less than 60 days or more than 90 days and the time between installment payments must be at least 13 days but not greater than 1 calendar month.

The maximum face amount of a check taken for a deferred presentment installment transaction may not exceed $1,000, exclusive of fees. The maximum fees that may be charged on a deferred presentment installment transaction are 8 percent of the outstanding transaction balance on a biweekly basis. The bill retains current law in s. 560.404(19), F.S., prohibiting a provider from entering into a deferred presentment transaction with any person who has an outstanding deferred presentment transaction or whose previous transaction has been terminated for less than 24 hours.

SB 920 will go on to the Senate floor for consideration.

AIF supports legislation that creates a new framework that conforms with the federal guidelines while also retaining the choices Florida consumers need and deserve.