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Daily Legislative Brief from March 1, 2018

Economic Development

HB 697 - Relating to Impact Fees

On Thursday, March 1st, HB 697 by Representative Mike Miller (R- Orlando) was read for a third time on the House floor was amended and passed by a vote of 108 yeas to 5 nays. 

An amendment, 271065; offered by the sponsor was adopted. This amendment was a compromise between stakeholders that kept the 30-day time frame for a local government has to determine what might be deficient in the development plan and another 60-days to approve a development plan once the application for approval has been received. AIF is in support of this amendment.

HB 697 is now in Senate messages.

AIF supports legislation that ensures the same protections to sector plans against demanding payment or construction of facilities beyond those needed to service the development.


HB 961-Relating to Beverage Law

On Thursday, March 1st, HB 961 by Representative Joe Gruters (R- Sarasota) was read for a third time on the House floor and passed by a vote of  101 yeas to 13 nays.

Currently, vendors must purchase beer or malt beverage branded glassware from distributors for use in their establishments. This legislation allows for retailers to accept malt or beer beverage branded glassware from a wholesaler at no cost. Both bills were amended during their respective committee stops to change the amount of branded glassware a distributor may give to no more than 10 cases per calendar year.

HB 961 is now in Senate messages.

AIF SUPPORTS legislation that will reduce costs on Florida’s businesses by allowing distributors to provide vendors, at no cost, glassware to use in their establishments.