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Daily Legislative Brief from March 8, 2018

Economic Development

SB 1224 & HB 961-Relating to Beverage Law

On Wednesday, March 7th, SB 1224 by Senator Rob Bradley (R-Orange Park) was laid on the table and substituted with HB 961 by Representative Joe Gruters (R- Sarasota).

On Thursday, March 8th, HB 961 was read for a third time on the Senate floor and passed by a vote of 38 yeas to 0 nays.

Currently, vendors must purchase beer or malt beverage branded glassware from distributors for use in their establishments. This legislation allows for retailers to accept malt or beer beverage branded glassware from a wholesaler at no cost. The bill stipulates the amount of branded glassware a distributor may give to establishments is no more than 10 cases per calendar year.

HB 961 will now go to the desk of the Governor.

AIF SUPPORTS legislation that will reduce costs on Florida’s businesses by allowing distributors to provide vendors, at no cost, glassware to use in their establishments.