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Daily Legislative Brief from March 8, 2018

Health Care

SB 8 & HB 21-Relating to Controlled Substances

On Wednesday, March 7th, SB 8 by Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto (R-Ft. Myers) was laid on the table and substituted with HB 21 by Representative Jim Boyd (R-Bradenton). The House bill was amended to reflect the Senate version of the bill, which includes language that prohibits health insurers from utilizing protocols such as prior authorization and step therapy. As stated in previous reports, because of these inclusions which undermine the intent of the bill, AIF is neutral on the bill.

On Thursday, March 8th, HB 21 was read for a third time on the Senate floor and passed as amended by a vote of 37 yeas to 0 nays.

HB 21 is in returning House messages to be considered as amended.

AIF supports legislative efforts that aim to curb opioid abuse and addiction that is currently running rampant through the state affecting Florida’s families and businesses. However, AIF opposes the inclusion to prohibit the use of prior authorization and step therapy protocols.