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Building and maintaining a strong business requires dedication, sacrifice and hard work. Despite that effort, your company’s bottom line can be decimated by lawmakers who lack a pro-business attitude and support legislation that may harm your business. Through Associated Industries of Florida (AIF), you can join other business leaders to promote our American legacy of free enterprise and economic prosperity here in Florida.

In 1993, AIF expanded its political operations program by intensifying its involvement in House and Senate campaigns to shape the make-up, direction, and philosophy of the Florida Legislature. This is the combined effort of both the AIF Political Council and the AIF Political Action Committee.

The AIF Political Council is the AIF research, analysis and education arm, whereas the AIF Political Action Committee (AIFPAC) unites member support through contributions to candidates. These two entities have made AIF a formidable power in Florida politics.

AIF Political Operations Objectives:

  • To identify, recruit, and support candidates for the Florida Legislature who understand and advocate public policies that promote a business-friendly atmosphere in the state of Florida.
  • To oppose candidates who, by their actions, words, and voting records indicate they are or will be anti-business policymakers if elected or reelected.
  • To collect and analyze data that increases the understanding among the business community of Florida’s political climate.
  • To educate employers and business owners on the policymakers and issues that shape Florida politics.


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Coordinating Business for Florida's Political Future

Participation in both AIFPAC and the AIF Political Council are separate from membership in AIF. For more information about AIF's political operations and to experience the benefits of being a Political Council member, please contact Adam Basford at (850) 224-7173 or email him at