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Daily Legislative Brief from April 30, 2014

Education & Workforce

SB 1642 – relating to Education Accountability
On Wednesday, April 30th, SB 1642, relating to Education Accountability, by the Senate Committee on Education passed the House by a 76-42 vote. The bill now heads to the Governor for consideration.

The bill creates a clarified A through F and 100-point school grading system where point values, not safety nets or triggers, are the indicator of the grade earned. Under the bill, district and school grades, which would be released every year in the summer at the same time, will be simplified and transparent. No changes would be made to the current school grading system in 2013-14; however, the new 2014-15 school grades will function as an informational baseline for schools to work toward improved future performance.

AIF supports a comprehensive effort to expand economic opportunity through education. Increased transparency in school grading is a large component to making education a better value for Florida’s families and taxpayers alike.

SB 850 – relating to Education
On Wednesday, April 30th, SB 850, relating to Education, by Senator John Legg (R-Lutz) passed the House chamber by a 115-1 vote. The bill now heads back to the Senate for consideration.

The bill expands options to elementary students, expands options and strengthens requirements for middle school and high school students, creates a new middle grades early warning system to identify at-risk students, expands and strengthens anti-hazing provisions, and requires the Florida College System (FCS) institutions to establish a collegiate high school program for students in every school district in the colleges’ designated service area.

AIF supports this bill because improving our workforce through education reforms will be a key ingredient to job creation and also ensuring businesses continue to locate in Florida.