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Weekly Legislative Update from February 2, 2018


SB 1742-Relating to Supermajority Vote Required to Increase State Tax Revenues by Increasing Taxes

On Monday, January 29th, SB 1742 by Senator Kelli Stargel (R-Lakeland) was heard before the Senate Committee on Finance and Tax and passed by a vote of 4 yeas to 2 nays. AIF’s Senior Vice President of State and Federal Affairs, Brewster Bevis, stood in support of this bill.

This bill proposes an amendment to the State Constitution to require a law that imposes a new tax, increases the rate or amount of a tax, or expands a tax base, and that results in a net increase in state revenues, to be approved by three-fifths of the membership of each house of the Legislature.
The amendment proposed in the joint resolution will take effect on January 8, 2019, if approved by sixty percent of the voters during the 2018 general election or earlier special election specifically authorized by law for that purpose.

SB 1742 will go on to the Senate Committee on Appropriations for its next hearing.

AIF supports legislation that would make it more difficult to raise taxes, leaving more money in the pockets of Florida’s families and business.